Paddle sports can be dangerous and physically demanding. Users of Sprout Surf SUP products  should be aware that participating in stand up paddling could result in serious injury or death. Use common sense and observe applicable watercraft laws. The user of Sprout Surf SUP products acknowledges both an understanding and an assumption of the risk involved.

The user of any Sprout SUP Surf product assumes all risks of any personal injury or death and willfully releases Sprout Surf SUP LLC from any and all liabilities. Sprout products are not intended as a lifesaving devices. Always wear a Coast Guard approved PFD (personal floatation device) when using Sprout boards and always use a leash connecting yourself to the board. Do not use Sprout boards in severe or hazardous water or weather conditions. Be aware that weather and water conditions can change rapidly. Always seek out local knowledge concerning the waterway you intend to paddle in, such as currents, tidal changes, rip tides, hazards such as rocks, reef or submerged debris. Do not paddle alone. Make sure that children using this product are under adult supervision.