The natural environment is everything - our home, our playground, our joy, our life.
We believe it is our responsibility to protect the planet and all it’s wild and beautiful  places.

At Sprout, we donate $10 per board sold to grassroots, nonprofit environmental champions such as Ocean Conservancy and the Sierra Club that are out in the world making a difference to help save our wild places and fighting to preserve and improve the health of the planet.



Sprout is proud to collaborate with very special people who are environmental activists and champions. We create special cause boards that are designed to honor the planet and benefit specific causes that our environmental partners are involved with.

Introducing our first cause board, the Spirit Bear 12' Inflatable SUP, designed in collaboration with Norm Hann, benefiting his conservation efforts through his Standup4Greatbear organization. $20 of the sale of each Sprout Spirit Bear is donated to Norm’s environmental organization that promotes awareness and encourages the protection of the pristine Great Bear Rainforest and beyond, through education programs, expeditions, partnerships and action. 


We also donate our time and service in the form of beach and water cleanups.  We feel these are extremely important things that we do as a business and we hope that we inspire others to do the same.