Founded by award winning SUP and Surf industry veterans—Phillip Rainey and Gretchen Gamble—Sprout grew from a desire to create a different kind of Stand Up Paddle company.

We wanted to start something creative, inventive, focused and unique. Driven to design innovative, intelligent, inspirational products, we set out to create a brand that is a community of like minded people – water loving, outdoor adventure seekers committed to helping protect and sustain our environment.  Sprout encompasses things that we hold dear:  our pursuit of excellence in design, our spirit of adventure and our love for the planet that we have the privilege of calling our home and our playground.



To create innovative and intelligently designed SUP products that enable people to excel, adventure further, expand boundaries, discover new perspectives and get the most out of life on the water. To inspire a profound sense of responsibility for protecting and sustaining the natural environment through our give back program and environmental cleanups.